Drones as an art object

The dispensing mechanism DisCo (Dispenser for Copter) was developed by us and allows the simultaneous ejection of 3 balls.

The distribution mechanism has been redesigned and offers a number of advantages:

  •     Fully automatic…
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soleonLasCo x8 - the perfect copter for laser scanning

The LasCo x8 multicopter has been specially developed for mounting laser scanners and has a lot of advantages:

  • Flight times up to 20 minutes
  • Payload up to 4kg
  • Can be used up to an altitude of 3.000m
  • No limitation…
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Drones as an art object

Drones as an art object - Exhibition "Jusqu'ici tout va bien"
According to the target of the French artist, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, we designed a special multicolor that lifts the luminous phrase "Jusqu'ici tout va bien" (same title…

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